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Terms Of Used of AW8

The “Terms of Use” for AW8 alongside other privacy policies give information about the services we provide.These Terms of Use provide explanation,direction,limitations and information of our website users are expected to understand the activities of this site before registering as usage means acceptance of terms of service.

The privacy policy and other documents serve as the ground where company and user agree or even disagree as regards right,rules and responsibilities pertaining to either party. The “Terms” or “Terms of Use” indicate the guidelines,rules and regulations and also use of a site.

Table of Contents

Terms Amendment

  • Amendment of terms could be at any time.If such changes are not accepted by the user,such users can discontinue with the company’s services. As the prior agreement does not validate acceptance  of the effect made.
  • Users are expected to check  website updates from time to time to keep abreast of the changes made.

Legal Right

Users below the age of 18 years(minors) are not allowed to participate in online gambling.Such minors cannot and are not expected to enter into any agreement as pertaining to gambling is an activity reserved only for adults.

Without the legal capacity or requirement,users are not expected to participate in the activities of this site.


AW8 is an independent gambling website that provide information.It also provides information about betting.Information,content,broadcast are provided at affordable prices and Services are provided at the best prices possible.

Property Rights

Users are not allowed to reproduce ,copy or edit content of this site as Copyright works such as designs, logos, content, audios, videos, services, programme, adverts,animations belong to the

Limitation of Liability

AW8 will not held responsible for any bridge of data caused by divulging personal information to a third party.Losses or damages caused as a result of negligence will be duly incurred by the users.

Limitation of liability covers for damage or loss caused by users or third party, directly or indirectly, as a result of any inclusions or omissions of content on the site or as relates to any third-party content or hyperlinks. Modification,suspension and Termination of the site by a third party will be the responsibility of the use

User Content Conditions

Users are not allowed to post,upload,share site content in form of chats,comment .The company is not liable to such content content for review or or monitoring., or illegal claims, intentional or not, as concerns the materials or their source or origin.

Users agree not to knowingly submit content of any sort which is in violation of law; contains hidden or restricted content; infringes upon any trademark, service mark, brand name, trade name, copyright, patent, registration, and other proprietary rights; is inaccurate or misleading; is intended to cause offense or damage to any person or entity, including this site; is designed to interfere or interrupt the site; is intended to infect the site with a virus or similar coding; or which advertises or promotes competitor websites or related entities.

Furthermore, this site is not responsible for any personally identifiable information user includes in the content.By providing content of any form, user waives any rights to such content and grants AW8 its affiliates, and/or licensors a perpetual, irrevocable license to copy, use, edit, modify, reproduce, publish, or distribute such content or any portion thereof in any manner they choose without providing user compensation of any sort.

User Representations and Prohibited Conduct

  • The company will not tolerate infringement of these rights and policy  as users are expected to respect privacy rights, and  intellectual property rights. Also users are expected to  make all reasonable efforts to correct any instances of discovered and confirmed copyright or other intellectual property right infringement.
  • In case of infringement, an owner or authorized agent with verifiable contact information must  give full  detail of the subject material and location of material t suspected to be in violation and a complete design and legal proof of the material is suspected to  be infringed.

Agreement Termination

Non acceptance of the terms and conditions of this site can bring about the termination of the relationship that exists between the user and the company. AW8 also has the right to bring to an end the agreement with respect to any user, without prior notification.

  • The  validation of such stands on any basis regardless.Also users can also choose to do the same by choosing not to visit the website or use their services.

Acceptance of Use

Registration to this site indicates acceptance of the term of use.This creates a legal mutual agreement between the user and AW8. If there is disagreement at any point,the user is expected to completely ignore the site and discontinue association to its services.

Summary of the Agreement

Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and Disclaimer, serves as the basis for agreement for both users and site. As it enhance smooth usage of the site and pertains to the relationship the site has with the use.In the event of discrepancies,effect can be made to the terms and such effect can be accepted or ignored by the user.