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Land-based casinos and online casinos are highly favored in Malaysia, as betting and gambling are among the most common daily activities in Malaysia. Despite millions of Malaysian gamblers investing their time and money into the casino industry, not all available online casinos are trustworthy or have high standards.

Amongst all odds, Acewin8 sets the bar high not only as one of the leading trustworthy online casinos Malaysia but as one of the best promotion online casino Malaysia. It offers several casino bonuses to players as incentives to play high-quality and exciting games without paying money before placing bets.

Players are privileged to a no deposit free casino bonus incentive, which makes playing online casino games on the platform irresistible. It has one of the best casino bonus collections ranging from the welcome bonus, reload bonus, no deposit bonus, banking method bonus, VIP, promotion, etc.

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AW8 Best Online Casino Bonuses

Casino promotion has become an important part of online casinos in recent times. Any casino that is ready to show gamblers how much it offers must be prepared to get their attention with their online casino promotion. Malaysia casinos are not an exemption as promotion online casino Malaysia are taken in high regards and sometimes much appreciated than payouts. 

AW8 has one of the best casino bonus from reviews and feedback received. It shows it is a step higher than other Malaysia online casino promotion. Here are its best online casino bonuses leading the race for the most exciting promotion, casino Malaysia to be discussed:

Welcome Bonus

In online casinos Malaysia, one of the most common bonuses is the Malaysia casino welcome bonus. Hardly would you see any casino that doesn’t offer welcome bonuses as rewards to new users to bring them closer to the casino and appreciate them for patronizing.

Every online casino games sector(esports, sports, live casino games, online slots, etc.) on AW8 has a certain degree of welcome bonus. For online slots, new users get welcome bonuses of two kinds which are; 100 welcome bonus casino Malaysia and 150 welcome bonus casino Malaysia.

The 150% welcome bonus casino Malaysia means new players receive an offer of a maximum bonus of 150 percent up to RM300. It is strictly for new players and cannot be used more than once.

No Deposit Bonus

The online casino no deposit bonus is one of the interesting rewards made available to players by AW8 for the available online casino game sector. After a player has gotten their account registered on the AW8 online casino Malaysia site, they receive a free no deposit casino bonus to play games.

By signing up, you get a casino free no deposit bonus that can be used to play games and have unlimited fun. Gamblers much appreciate this online casino no deposit bonus as it allows them the chance to have fun playing games without the thought of losing their real money.

Reload Bonus

A reload bonus is an online casino promotion reward given to players when they deposit additional money into their online casino accounts. After you have used your free no deposit bonus casino and start betting for real and deposit funds into your account more than once into your registered account, you get compensated. This reward is to appreciate your continued patronage and gameplay.

Referral bonus AW8

This bonus is meant for regular and experienced players as a bit of appreciation in the form of rewards for introducing the platform to new players. For supporting the company, regular users whose promo codes are used by new players benefit from each user registered through their influence.

You can refer people and earn 10% , 20%, or 30% in terms of bonus. The person referred can also get their free casino bonus.

VIP Bonus

The VIP bonus is not just for any player. This bonus is meant for players with a consistent loyalty record on betting on AW8. Once again, it shows why it has one of the best promotion casino Malaysia. The VIP bonus, just like the no deposit free casino bonus and welcome bonus, varies.

It means that there are several VIP bonus for each gaming sector which includes; live casino games, slot, fishing games, eSports, etc. The more the VIP bonus is earned, the more the chances of going higher in the VIP ranks.

Birthday Bonus

Whenever players sign up to create an account, some of the data required is the player’s date of birth. AW8 shows love and support to its players by giving them a certain reward and gift prize to help them celebrate their birthdays. It is one of the few promotion casino that offers such a bonus.


How to Claim
AW8 Malaysia Bonus?

There are so many bonuses available on AW8 Malaysia waiting to be claimed, and each bonus has slightly different methods of claiming them Here are the steps by steps guidelines on how to claim the AW8 Malaysia bonus for beginners:


Register an account with AW8
You have no right to any bonus unless you are a member, so go to the AW8 Malaysia official website and create an account.


Sign in on your device
After creating your account, input your username and password to log into your account.


Select bonus
Go to the bonus and promotions menu to see all kinds of available bonuses to pick from that look attractive to you or you feel will help your gameplay.


Agree to terms and conditions
You should ensure you read the terms and conditions about various bonuses at the website or through the mobile application of AW8 and when you are satisfied, agree to the given terms.


Select payment options
Check the available payment methods and pick the one that is convenient for you.


Make your first deposit
Once you become a member, you have to make your first minimum deposit by clicking the deposit button to get the available bonus.


Claim bonus
After making your deposit, you can claim any bonus you want and enjoy playing online casino games with various casino bonuses at AW8.


Acewin8 Casino Bonus
Terms & Conditions

Players should always pay attention to reading the terms and conditions given to them by online casinos before accepting. Do not be in haste to get over with it; only accept it when you are comfortable with it. The same applies to the AW8 casino bonus; a few rules are applied to the offered bonus, so you have to look before you leap.

These terms and conditions show an agreement between AW8 and their bettors has been met. Here’s a list of Acewin8 casino bonus terms & conditions that players must carefully note;

  1. Create an AW8 account and make a deposit of RM2000 and above.
  2. Use the promo code ACEWIN8 and unlock this bonus offer all within the first 30 days of registering this new account.
  3. You’ll be play with your initial deposit and then later with the bonus money. You can withdraw your winnings only after you’ve met the wagering requirement outlined in their Specific Promotional Terms, so read them carefully before proceeding.
  4. All Bonuses have to be wagered within five days of acceptance or in 30 days if the welcome bonus has been awarded (wagering period). If wagers are not met, then any bonus and winning will be lost automatically.
  5. You cannot redeem bonuses and they are also non-withdrawable. Bonuses automatically disappear once they have been activated on a withdrawal request. Bonuses will also disappear if you don’t complete their wagering period which is required for an offer value to become valid.
  6. If you haven’t completed wagering, your available balance falls below RM0.50.We will automatically redeem the remaining amount for cash and give it to you as soon as possible.


A rollover is a betting term used to refer to a set of wagering requirements made by a sportsbooks company, that a player must meet before they can become eligible for a bonus.

Rollovers also refer to multiple deposits you must make and bet with before you can cash out winnings from that sportbook. Example: Having a rollover of 20X would mean that a gambler must deposit and bet 20 times before they can cash out their winnings.

Bet restrictions

This is the limit; a maximum or minimum amount a sportsbook allows a player to bet on an event. Example: a sportsbook might have minimum bet of RM20 and maximum bet of RM20,000. This generally means you can’t go below the bottom or above the top.

Limits on winnings

Limit on winning is the maximum amount that will be paid on a bet. This varies across different bookmakers and is even more different depending on the sport type. For example; at a sportsbook, the maximum payout for football can be RM200,000 and that for tennis can be RM20,000.

Time limit

This term refers to the period in which you can claim a bonus offer. After this time limit, it becomes invalid to use. Time limits can also apply to vouchers. Time limits can also apply to other betting elements like slips and even bet odds.

AW8 Bonus Wagering Requirements

AW8 has been able to compete on the highest level in the casino industry because of its unique and mouth-watering offers. One of which is the AW8 bonus it offers its players. AW8 bonus wagering requirements are easy, and it isn’t much of a challenge for new users.

You just need to register, sign up and make your first deposit with respect to the requirements assigned to the game you want to partake in. The AW8 casino offers RM2500 in its no deposit bonus casino and a 500% match whenever a player makes his first deposit.



AW8 offers a great online promotion that no one can rival. The no deposit free casino bonus is one of the most appealing promotions you can get. It would be best if you become a verified member by registering your account and agreeing to the terms and conditions, then get a taste of these fantastic promotions.