Hunt as many fishes to be the next fishing god!

AW8 Best Fish Game Online Malaysia 2023

Fish game online is a very unique and exciting game but at the same not offered by most online casino platforms in Malaysia. AW8 is full of surprises as it likes to be unpredictable to gamblers. AW8 online casino has tried its best to make every form of online games available with their reach, and fishing game online is just perfect for the platform.

This is one of the reasons why it is one of the most appreciated and praised online casinos in Malaysia. So you should not be surprised that it offers fishing games online to players with particular demand for it on its platform. Fish game online is one of the most fun-filled and exciting games specifically made for gamblers who seek out more adventure games.

Once you are a registered and licensed user of Acewin8, you get unlimited access to both new and recently available online casino fishing game.

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AW8 Popular Fishing Games Online Variation

With AW8, you never run out of options for gaming. It covers a huge selection of fishing online game for gamblers to decide which they love most. Among the array of online fishing games, there are some popular online fishing game variants with high-quality game visuals and sound, which AW8 offers. These AW8 popular fishing games online offer huge coins and cash rewards and can be played using any device for convenience.They include;

  • Fishing King

    The Fishing King is a fun-filled adventure game where you set sail in the middle of a sea like a real-life fisherman with your hook and bait to entice and catch fish. It is a game that captures the true excitement of the struggle between man and fish.

    The more fishes you catch, the more your winnings, making you the king of fish. It is a popularly played fishing game in most online fishing casino. When a certain amount of fish are caught in the sea, you get to use your reward earned to unlock new sets of advanced baits that are more effective for fishing.

  • Fishing War

    For any player who loves combat and arcade games, Fishing War is the perfect fishing game. It is a popular fishing arcade games online which involves fighting wars and battles in the sea, i.e., a non-stop action fighting scene underwater.

    The game gets more interesting when you increase the difficulty level and invite your plans or connect with friends online to play multiplayer with you. The more you kill and destroy the sea monsters like sharks and whales that have invaded the underwater kingdom, the more your wins and bonuses.

  • Lucky Fishing

    Lucky Fishing is another AW8 popular fishing games online variation. It is a peaceful and relaxing game that doesn't involve stress. It has a pretty simple gameplay that resembles other popular fishing games like; The Fish Master and Go Fish.

    As the player, you are a fisherman in a boat rowing on its own, so all you just have to do is try to catch fish (treasures) in the water with your hook and lining. The fishes under the water carry different points and rewards, so catching bigger fish will greatly help your winnings.

    You can upgrade your fishing lines and rods as you go through the stages and catch more fish.

  • One Shot Fishing

    One Shot Fishing is the final AW8 popular fishing games online variation that is cool and unique from other fish shooting games. It is an online fish shooting game real money, with amazing features, so it is no surprise its number of followers keeps increasing every day.

    This shooting fish game keeps you entertained as you get to test your shooting range skills and makes you almost lose track of time. It is much more fun and challenging to play multiplayer with your family and friends as it accepts a maximum of 4 players.

    You have the simple task of hunting and shooting fish in the ocean to get amazing rewards. Finally, players participating in One Shot Fishing will have an extremely realistic feeling, a new sense of experience, and receive huge bonuses.

    Once a player gathers 7 dragon balls as they appear randomly on screen, they can get a bonus of 50-500x for successfully killing the fish.

  • Hero Fishing

    Hero Fishing is one popular fishing arcade games online, referred to as a carbon copy of 'Angry Birds.' The player's task at every level is to kill all sharks; to reach the goal, he uses a slingshot loaded with fish.

    Unlike Angry Birds, this game has full 3D graphics, so the player has to turn the camera to get the best sharks or blocks shot. The game has over 100 levels spread across four environments.

Pros and Cons To Play Fish Game Online On Acewin8 Malaysia


  • High-quality game visuals and sound

    If you have always been wondering where you can get the best experience fishing online Malaysia, you have nothing to worry about anymore. AW8 offers the best high-quality game visuals and sound, which gives a highly realistic feeling.

  • Wide selection of fishing games

    AW8 offers a huge selection of online free fishing games to choose from and get the best fun and exciting adventure.


  • Country restrictions

    It's a pity that not everyone has the opportunity to check out these collections of amazing fishing online games. It is strictly for Malaysian-based players, which can disappoint foreigners.

How To Play Online Fish Shooting Games?

Remember you want to keep winning whenever you play fishing online games, there are a few rules and guidelines you follow to help you increase your winning chances.

  • Step 1: Insert the coins you purchased.
  • Step 2: Once the coins are inserted, you will be given the shots.
  • Step 3: Aim your gun at the target and shoot.
  • Step 4: Over time, insert more coins to pursue the game further or end the game and receive your reward.


  1. Always select the fishing online game that suits you best and not one suggested by a friend.
  2. Shoot the fish with small scores.
  3. Do not shoot hurriedly; take your time to study the movement and pace at which the fish moves. 
  4. Always take advantage of shooting fish when they are together.
  5. Don't shoot hidden fish while playing shooting fish games.
  6. Always try to level up so you can get bigger bullets to shoot bigger fishes because they have larger rewards.

AW8 Online Shooting Fish Game Welcome Bonus

Enjoy the game with a 50% bonus on your first deposit. This comes with the highest maximum deposit. Also, you can even unlock up to a 100% welcome bonus if you are interested in other games.

Best Tips To Win Online Fishing Games in AW8 Malaysia

If you are new to online fishing games, here is a guide to help you play better;

  • Stick to the budget

    Always have a budget if you are fond of playing fishing online games. Don't be careless about your spending so you won't take a huge risk. Do not compare your game with your friends because you don't have the same budget, so even if you both make losses, you might end up losing more funds.

  • Try mustache tactics

    Never play fishing online games when you are in haste or when inconvenient. So it is advisable to take your time to play, so you don't ignore the small fish. The mustache tactic allows you to kill every worthy fish in the sea rather than concentrate on only bigger fish.

  • Eliminate the boss fish

    The boss fish's unique physical appearance separates it from other regular fishes. Killing it should be your primary target because it has much more value than others which can boost your winnings.

  • Play the game with concentration

    Never lose focus or play the game when you are absent-minded, as your full concentration will help you a lot. You have so much to gain from putting your full attention into the game. There's a time frame, and you have to get the job done within the time limit. You have to kill so many fishes and if possible the boss fish also with the required time.

  • Play online free fishing games

    If you are less experienced and just getting to understand the basics behind fishing games, it is advisable to check out the trial section to play online free fishing games. If you start playing for real and end up losing your money, then you will automatically lose interest in the games and feel like there's nothing fun about them.

    This is not true, so always play online free fishing games so you can organize your game, learn how to shoot properly, and make successful kills within a reasonable time frame.


The fishing online game is a special treat for players who love fishing as they take a particular interest in fishing games like a Fishing King and Fishing War, etc. Seize the opportunity AW8 offers and start making money with ease by enjoying shooting fish games and more from your home and earning money.

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